Monday, September 15, 2008

No More ROP!

Just wanted to provide encouragement for those families out there whose preemies have been diagnosed with stage 3 ROP in one or both eyes. This was the diagnosis we were facing in the NICU. After following up every week at a doctor who was about an hour away, we finally got the great news that Nic's retina had matured and the ROP was gone. No need for laser surgery! So, if your child has been diagnosed with ROP, please check out all your options. The longer you can put off the surgery the more time the eye has to mature. There is a risk of the retina detaching, so ask your doctor what the risks might be. We feel so fortunate that Nic was able to overcome this common preemie challenge.

Now we just have to see the ENT and find out why the hearing screens keep coming back inconclusive for the left ear. We'll keep you posted!

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