Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rotavirus Runaround

Just wanted to let preemie moms know that we must be extra vigalant about shots. I just took Nic to get his 6 month shots (even though he is now seven months -- a whole other story about scheduling preemies with the ped!) While we were filled with questions about the shots and other issues at the appointment, it slid by us that they were going to give him the third set in the rotavirus series of shots. He never had the first two because he was in the NICU, and at the last ped appt. the doctor told us that he didn't need them because he had missed the window for them to be effective. When I got home and reread over all the paperwork and side effects, I realized he'd gotten the third in the series of shots.

When I called the office to see what had happened, they backtracked and said the doctor had decided Nic would get a small benefit of getting only one in the series of three. Well, I could tell they were tyring to cover a mistake, but I do really like the doctor for a lot of other reasons. I hate to have to find someone else when he's been so caring and good to work with. So, I told them that I had concerns about insurance paying for it because of the unusual circumstances and they told me they would take it off my bill. But, the side effect of this shot can be vomiting and diarehea, which made me very worried. Luckily Nic didn't have any ill side effects and I can only hope getting the vaccine was benign. My husband and I felt so horrible about it and learned we have to take extra care before signing paperwork while at the doctor's office. It is so hard for preemie parents because there are often way more questions and issues to address than your average child's visit. Please learn from our mistakes, and be sure to keep your pediatrician on track.