Sunday, August 3, 2008

Check that Expiration Date

Just a reminder out there to all those parents whose babies need formula, please check those expiration dates. I had a close call this week with some expired formula from Jewell-Osco. Nicolas has to have thickener (SimplyThick) in his Similac Neosure formula, so I've been buying the ready-made kind to save myself some time in the mixing process. For those of you who haven't dealt with this feeding issue, the thickener helps Nic swallow his formula without aspirating it into his windpipe, a problem he had while still in the NICU.

I had just poured all 32 oz. of the formula into a jug to mix with the thickener, but before I did I took time to rinse the carton and place it in the recycling. As I looked more closely at the jug, it had expired two months ago. Anyone who has dealt with formula knows the expiration dates are almost frighteningly long (many right now are 2009 and even 2010 on the one I buy.) So, this led me to believe that this formula must have been on the shelves for nearly two years. I felt terrible for being in a hurry while shopping and not checking the date on the bottle. I was so relieved I hadn't fed it to him, and also so glad that I hadn't wasted the very expensive SimplyThick on this batch of formula. Also, the store director was very nice when I called and said they will replace the carton of formula. I urged him to go check the shelves and pull any other expired bottles, as Similac's Neosure is meant for preemies who already have enough tummy and other troubles without giving them bad formula.

More on expiration dates later ...

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